3 Bedrooms    1 Bathroom

The Ayre

This spacious three bedroom semi-detached home offers its prospective new owners (that’s you) an open plan living space.  Perfect in every way, whether you love to be the hostess with the mostess or prefer cuddling up on the sofa with your family – staying in-in is the new going out-out.

3 Bedrooms    1 Bathroom    1 Garage

The Wyllin

A charming three bedroom semi-detached home, perfect for future owners who may have a creative flair, but currently lack the space.  The garage provides the tinkers or the artiste a possible space for their passions, or of course you could park your car in it – but who does that anymore!

4 Bedrooms    2 Bathrooms    1 Garage

The Lochstern

This superb four bedroom semi-detached family home is everything you want if you’re into space.  It’s light, roomy, vast and boundless, whatever you want to call it, it definitely isn’t small.

4 Bedrooms    2 Bathrooms    1 Garage

The Lochbow

Like its unidentical twin, the Lochstern, this superb four bedroom semi-detached home is also everything you want if you’re into space. With the addition of a superb roof top balcony accessed from the master bedroom offering star gazing opportunities with a large glass of your beverage.

4 Bedrooms    2 Bathrooms    1 Garage

The Bradda

With four bedrooms and an integral garage, this detached home has so much space for activities. The Bradda is one of our most popular Havens to date. So don’t blame us when suddenly all of your kids’ friends start showing up at your new home!

4 Bedrooms    2 Bathrooms    2 Garages

The Silverburn

This four bedroom detached home will definitely tick all of your boxes and then start ticking boxes you didn’t even know you had. Even better, in our opinion, is the double sized garage. Yes, double – it’s essentially a car showroom!

5 Bedrooms    2 Bathrooms    2 Garages

The Derby

A beyond impressive five bedroom detached home to rival those on Grand Designs! (Except you can live in the smugness that you didn’t have to build it yourself and will never go over budget). If you’re looking for well laid out majestic space, this will be the one for you.

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